Grateful for what I have near me

I’ve viewed the world from the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Empire State Building in NYC, and the Sears Tower in Chicago.

I’ve zip lined over treetops in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

I’ve survived the long curvy road from Haiku to Hana on Maui.

But I had never made the 3-hour drive from my home in the Phoenix area to famous Tombstone, Arizona.

Thinking lately that I should do more exploration of places close-by, I’ve noticed that there are wonderful things to see and photograph–and plenty to be grateful for–all around my home.

I am indeed sweetly nestled.

I encourage you to gaze at your surroundings–the lush mountains, the chestnut-colored flat ground and rocks, the bustling city that never stops to take a breath–whatever you have. Look at the people around you too. And instead of wishing for whatever or whomever isn’t there, recognize the unique beauty that is.

Hopefully you’ll see that you’re also sweetly nestled in your own little spot of the world. A surefire way to be happy is to be grateful.

I’ll show you photos of faraway places sometimes. (They might be near you, of course!) But for now, here are some shots of my little cuties in Tombstone.

It was last autumn, and they had Disney Store Halloween costumes that screamed out, “Take us with you!” I’m so glad we listened. “Woody” looked quite at home in the Old West town.

I would have taken more shots of “Rapunzel” in front of the staircase leading perhaps to a secret tower, but some flying bugs took quite an interest in her. Rapunzel got freaked out. I’ll refrain from showing you the photos with her horrified face and flailing arms. They’re hardly befitting of a Disney princess.

Have a lovely day!