Handmade Get Well Cards

Card making is quite a pleasure for me.  The beautiful papers and embellishments, the rubber stamps and ephemera…   I tingle with excitement as I get my hands on all of those things.   And I can lie awake for hours happily thinking about a design or a sentiment to use.  The mornings are less fun after a night like that, of course.  But my mind stubbornly holds to the motto, “Art before sleep.”

Here are a few of my handmade get well cards.  If you happen to be sick (like I am right now), injured, or just feeling low down, I hope one of these cards will brighten you up a bit.

Have as lovely a day as you possibly can!


One Last Look

Here’s one last look at Tombstone, Arizona from my point of view.

This is a place where you can see shows with live actors and talk with them afterwards.

You might see a few of them walking along the streets after a show, still dressed in their Wild West attire.

And Tombstone is a great place to get photos of your kids on a train.

Have a lovely day!




It’s funny that my first blog posts would have something to do with the Old West, since it has never seemed that interesting to me.

I’m a city girl.  Well, at least a suburbs girl.  I feel a little nervous if I go more than a week without being walking distance to a supermarket and at least bicycling distance to a Pottery Barn.

But I love finding things that charm me, especially where I don’t expect them.

Just before returning home from our little trip to Tombstone, AZ, my family walked down one of its dusty streets.  I spotted a beautiful building that read, “Tombstone Epitaph.”

This is where the city’s newspaper has been published since 1880, making it Arizona’s longest continually published newspaper.

There’s something romantic and glorious about a newspaper these days.

Take a peek inside this building with me if you’d like.

As a writer, I was fascinated by the printing press and all of its paraphernalia.

As a crafter, I’d love to have storage compartments like the ones in the background!

The vintage girl in me adores this old typewriter.  I’ll have to show you the one I bought very recently!

Have a lovely day!