Oh, The Things Children Say

Kids say funny things.  I’m so glad.  Looking at quotes of my daughter Sydney that I’ve been writing down from the time of her first tiny utterances, I decided to share some from various moments of her toddler years.  Here they are!

1. One morning, I wanted Sydney to eat.  She wanted to sing “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.”  When I asked her to stop for a bite she said, “No. Sydney needs to twinkle.”

2.  On our way to lunch one fine Saturday, my husband was telling me about an article he had just read concerning taxes.  After several minutes, little Sydney couldn’t take the topic anymore. She piped up from her car seat in the back exclaiming, “Mommy, I want Daddy to stop talking.”

3.  When I mentioned that Sydney’s long bout of hiccups had gone away, she asked, “Which way are they going?”

4. Speaking of her younger brother, she reported, “Tanner went boom right there and got an owie. I saw him booming.”

5. Baby Tanner tried some vocal sounds. Sydney concluded, “He said ‘abracadabra’.”

6. We have many books written in French around the house, including several for children.  One day a friend of mine was over. Sydney handed her a storybook and suggested, “It’s in French. Read it.”  When my friend said she didn’t know how to, Sydney replied, “Try!”  I must say that I love the can-do attitude of toddlers.

7. Toddlers are funny when they start to understand the world and they give you a glimpse of their immense expertise. Sydney went through a time when she often asked which direction someone’s house was in relation to where we were at the time.  After I pointed, she would occasionally say, “Actually, I think it’s that way,” and point in another direction.

8. Besides our collection of books, our family has several different musical instruments. Some we play pretty well, and some not so well.  I admit that at this point, at least, I tend to sound better on the kazoo than the cello.  I think I do okay with the piano, unless you ask me to sight-read. But enough about me for now.

While Sydney was playing (well, singing into) the flute, I decided to play along with her on the piano.  She instantly took the role of band director, telling me what and when to play. For several minutes, I tried my best to play high notes or low notes or notes right in the middle, just as she requested.  I tried to stop on cue.  Then, however, she walked over from the sofa to the piano.  With both arms out squarely in front of her as if she were holding a large box, she said, “This … (dramatic pause)… isn’t working. I can’t have you play right now.”

Children take a lot of work. Maybe that’s why God wisely makes them the most natural purveyors of comic relief on the planet.  They’re so hilarious, we can forget how bad they sometimes smell and what it takes to get them to stop smelling that way.

I’m happy that my daughter still says funny things, and that her now kindergarten-attending brother does too.  I have to share some more quotes with you soon.  I just have to.

Have a lovely day!