Unexpected Flowers

On this last day of the month of love, I’d like to tell you how elated I was to unexpectedly receive these flowers from a couple of friends, plus a chocolate flower from another.  (I ate the chocolate long before I had a chance to photograph it.)

I’m charmed by the way these partially blurred photos make the flowers look like they are breaking free from a painting.

Kind acts are similar.  They spring out of an image in someone’s mind to a beautiful reality shared by giver and receiver.

Thank you to all who paint the world with strokes of kindness.

Have a lovely day!



This cheery hot air balloon glided near my house a few weeks ago.  Little did it know, I am sure, that I would be so grateful to see it today.  

It was today that I happened to download the forgotten picture… today when I have felt stretched and stressed almost to the point of running down the street screaming.

Seeing this goofy smile from the heavens reminded me that things are okay.  I should take a breath of fresh air, join in the smiling, and let some peace seep back into me.

I wish you a calm, relaxing day devoid of any temptation to needlessly frighten your neighbors.

Robin  🙂