So Proud of Myself!

One year ago– almost to the day– I started my blog.  But that’s not why I’m feeling proud right now.  It was about that same time last year that I started nibbling carelessly on the extra yumminess I invited into my home.  You see, I’d decided to host some unique parties for interesting blog content.  The nibbling stuck around and the exercise took a hike.

And suddenly, it seemed, there was that horrid day in December.  It was an otherwise fine Saturday, except for the realization that even my fat jeans were too tight.  And by tight, I truthfully mean I could barely engineer myself into them without losing consciousness.

Fortunately, January hurried itself along, bringing back with it the real Robin–the one that cares about good health.

I’ve lost an exciting 27 pounds so far.  Just a bit more to go.

I was planning to show you a photo of myself wearing those fat jeans which are now too big for me to keep on, but I looked and felt silly as I did some practice poses.  So I decided to put on my medium jeans.  Since the heat here in the Phoenix area has been on full blast lately, I haven’t even gone near those.

They were too big also!

Could that really mean…?  I hadn’t dared try until today.  I actually pulled down my skinny jeans…. the most glorious hunk of denim ever constructed.  Why are they so wonderful?Simply because they were a far off fantasy 7 months ago.  Today, I buttoned them up for this photo.  They’re still fitting while I’m sitting.  And I’m breathing normally.

Have a healthy, happy day!