I think it’s well worth about a half hour of pretty travel by train from Paris to visit the luxurious abode of King Louis XIV.

Before we visited the palace, we meandered through a neighborhood with grand, yet cozy-looking houses.

Tall trees kept us company and offered leaves to further beautify our path.

There was plenty of stuff to play on too.

Downtown Versailles was lovely, and delighted Sydney and Tanner with a treat from home. Can you find a little American icon?  They did.  And they decided they were already hungry again.  Hadn’t we just eaten all the things I’d packed for the train ride?

Then to the palace!

Both Happy Meals came with a toy, of course.  And since they smiled so big for the camera… well, I simply had to take their picture also.

Ah, happy kids and gorgeous architecture.  One of my favorite combinations!

Let’s have a look inside, shall we?  And sometimes a peek out at the grounds and architecture from an open window.

We walked and looked and walked and looked.  Sometimes the kids needed to just sit and play with a silly-looking piece of plastic.  Thank you, McDonald’s.  I have to admit that you really helped us out!

Oh, but look up there!

And up there!

And over there!  Then, we’re taking off.

We enjoyed rather nice weather almost every day that we were in Europe.  As we walked back to the train station after visiting the Palace of Versailles, the heavens gave us a shower.

We decided to wait at a little covered dining area and see if it would be a quick shower. Noticing the quaint surroundings, I took advantage of those few minutes and grabbed three cute shots for you to see.

Happy Thanksgiving!  May your meal be joyous, even if it doesn’t come with a toy.