Notre Dame de Paris

The answer is Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.  The question is this: What’s 850 years old and seems to have about that number of pigeons lingering around it?

Though my name is Robin, I’m not much of a bird watcher.  I prefer to look at Gothic architecture.  I honestly could gaze at it for hours.

No, no.  These photos won’t go on for hours.

Sydney wasn’t in front of the camera as much as Tanner on this day because she fell in love in Paris… with taking pictures.

Here are a couple of her shots.

Photo by Sydney.  She asked me to hold Mickey up as high as I could.  We had gone to Disneyland Paris the day before.

I didn’t notice til I was preparing the above photo for the blog that there is almost a Mickey Mouse motif in the architecture.  Hmmmm……

Photo by Sydney.

While I do love the beauty and bustle of the birded side of the cathedral, the opposite side was more serene. Trees, flowers, benches, and a few small play structures invited weary adults and restless children to all enjoy a long moment together.  The views from there are stunning as well, and strikingly different.  One simply must experience both sides.

One of the most charming things for me to see was children (including mine) playing together despite not speaking the same language.  They figured out how to take turns spinning the wheel seen below for each other.  French and Romanian children were among the day’s lovely mix.

We eventually moseyed over the Pont de l’Archeveche, also known as “Love Lock Bridge,” just steps away from the cathedral.

Tanner looks onto the Seine River from Love Lock Bridge.

A friendly passerby took this picture. We appreciate it!

Even if you do know my family, you’d probably like to get a quick view of Notre Dame without people standing in front of it.

A night shot I took using a bridge for a tripod.

Have a charming day!