Sandra Inspires

I’ll share more about my trip to Europe soon, but I must pause and tell you about Sandra Munroe, a very inspirational person.  Woman’s Day magazine chose six women to work with health coach Joy Bauer for weight loss and improved heart health. My friend Sandra is one of them! They are featured in the magazine this month.

Several people who know Sandra were invited to be in her photo shoot.  Our friend Diana and I happened to wind up in the photo after it was cropped to fit in the magazine. (I’m wearing the light blue shirt.)  We were all doing some of the Zumba moves Sandra now does regularly.  I had never tried Zumba before.  It was fun!

The article says that Sandra lost 97 pounds.  True, but a few days ago she told me she’s now down 121 pounds!  Here are before and after photos she sent me, along with permission to post them on my blog.

Here is what the magazine cover looks like, in case you’d like to quickly find it on a newsstand.

Sandra will also be on the Today show tomorrow (Tuesday, February 11th) in the 4th hour of that program.  I am proud of her for doing something so amazing!  It is definitely worth sharing on t.v. with the country.  Hopefully someone across the globe will read this post and be inspired by her too.

Have a happy, healthy day!