Why’d we go to France?

At Carcassonne, a Medieval castle in southern France.  So I look younger in this photo, you say?

Twenty years ago, Paris was my home.  I had recently graduated from college in Arizona with a degree in Elementary Education, having studied French the whole time too.  And I was pursuing a dream that had gripped my soul relentlessly.   I had to experience life in France.

As friends of a friend of one of my relatives (How’s that for a description?), Martine and Francois helped me achieve that goal by giving me a home and employment in France.

I was a nanny to their two children.

Now their children are adults, and I have my own little ones.  It was time to return to France for a visit.  What a wonderful treat to see Martine and Francois again as they opened their lovely home to us for a whole week.  And I was delighted to see their grown children and a cousin who came to visit.

Sitting around speaking French with such fascinating people was an even more memorable pleasure than the beautiful sights we indulged in.

Martine and Francois.

I’m just going to give you a few peeks into their home.

Martine likes to do cross stitch.

Sydney and Tanner were thrilled to see stairs.  It was too dangerous to run up and down these ones, but they contentedly sat there to converse with someone or play with a toy.

In the back yard is an apple tree.  Martine makes her own apple jam.  Clearly, other critters make use of some of the tasty fruit too.

The kids had lots of fun playing in the yard.

Tanner doesn’t look like he’s having fun here; he’s deep in imaginative thought.

Back inside, Martine works in her kitchen, preparing a dish of pork, plums, and potatoes. Oh la la! C’est magnifique!

Pork, plums and potatoes.

And for dessert?  How about this delicious creation of hers?

Apple tart.

With that, I wish you bonne nuit.