The Eiffel Tower

View from the Arc de Triomphe. I added the antique look.

As we drove near our home in Arizona shortly before the Europe trip, Tanner would occasionally point and say, “It’s the Eiffel Tower!”  Any tall building, tree or pole could spur that on.

Then… there it was for real.  He didn’t say it anymore.  The fun of the joke yielded to excitement and awe.  And eventually, of course, seeing the mighty structure became commonplace.

Don’t worry.  Fun and silliness did accompany us.  It will always find us.  Look!  Here it is now.

Preparing for some typical touristy photos.

Here’s a shot Tanner took of Martine.

Photo by Tanner.

On the largest, lowest level of the tower, the restaurant is getting a serious makeover.  A conference room is also being constructed.  Notice the long service elevator.

Since Francois is a consulting engineer for the work being done, we were able to go up without waiting in a long line or even buying tickets!  Merci encore, Francois!

Francois and one of the men working on the tower.

Kerry and Francois are both highly-educated engineers.  I probably wouldn’t understand what they were talking about, whether it was in French or English.

I love the view from up high.  It’s especially nice when it’s shared.  Please excuse me as I snuggle with my loved ones for a moment at the top of the world.

Tanner and me.

Sydney and me.

Kerry and me.

Ahhh…. Everybody wants to snuggle.

Martine and Francois.

I went to the top of the tower twice when I lived nearby.  Both times were unexpected “Let’s go” moments, and I didn’t have my camera.  You can imagine how much fun I had on this day.

You wouldn’t believe how tall Sydney has gotten!

We took the elevator up to each level of the tower, but climbed down part of the way.

Back at ground level.

Ice cream cones and souvenir keychains finished off the experience as we made our way back to the metro station.

I wish you a day brimming with family, friendship, and fabulous views… wherever you are!