L’Arc de Triomphe Encore

Why bother to visit a place if it doesn’t have interesting things that you can climb on?  I remember doing a whole lot of walking around Paris–which I loved doing.  Looking back at our photos, I’ve noticed that we (especially the kids) climbed on some pretty fabulous stuff too.  My apologies if we climbed on things that we shouldn’t have!

But let’s start at the beginning of this story.  So here we are at La Place Charles de Gaulle. The black chain fence surrounds the Arc de Triomphe.

The Arc poses proudly as we get up close.

I decided to give this plaque on the ground more stage presence.

Ascending the long spiral staircase gave us a good work out.  Reading later that it was 284 steps, I realized why.

Perhaps some of us were a bit sweaty when we got up to the little museum.

Sixty-four more steps granted us some fresh air and exhilarating views.

Ahhh…lovely!  But it’s time for a snack!

Here’s just one more view from up there for some perspective.  Notice the metro (subway) entrance at the bottom of the photo.  That’s where you’ll see me lounging the following afternoon.

Have a spectacular day!