Veggie Vehicles

Vrrrrrrrrrrooom!  Vegetables a go-go.

When you’re at your wit’s end trying to get your kids to eat something that grew for them from the earth, drive some of these onto their plates.

Here, I’ve used celery, cucumbers, radishes, red bell peppers, carrots, olives, and mozzarella cheese.  There are countless manufacturing options!

The celery creates a nice slender bowl, into which I scooped veggie dip.  Oh, the possibilities again!  Peanut butter, Nutella, cream cheese, hummus, thick soup or chili, salsa, yogurt…

Perhaps your children can help build the cars.  Poking toothpicks through the celery requires extra strength and caution though; I recommend having adults or big kids do that job.

Don’t be vexed by unwanted vittles.  Give them a jump start and watch them accelerate into popularity.

Have a happy, healthy day!