Inspiring Sensei

Two Sensei–Barbara Hofmann and Frank Sasso.

Here’s some inspiration from two people I admire.

I met Sensei Frank Sasso four years ago on a freelance writing and photography assignment from Fitness Plus Magazine.

I had been sent to interview the 7th-degree black belt karate master as he was turning 70 and being honored by fellow masters of martial arts.

Here’s the article I wrote.  (The photo I took of him was published in black and white.  He covered it with the same one in color.)

He goes by “Sensei,” which means teacher, and has been teaching martial arts for many years.  Here are some photos of him in action at a meet.

I obviously didn’t take the next photo.  Here’s what Sensei told me about it:

I met Chuck Norris in Chicago, in 1978, when his movie, “Good Guys Wear Black” was opening.  A group of us went with him to the movie, and the next evening I was asked to join him for dinner.  I was hosting a community tournament at Webber High School in Chicago, and Chuck Norris came to the tournament and took photos with me and some of my students.  Of course, since then he has become a huge star.

Sensei added that he, Chuck Norris, and Bruce Lee were all born in 1940.

Sensei is now 74 years old.  His girlfriend, Barbara Hofmann, recently earned her black belt!  She is now 71.

Have a fantastic day!  And go reach your goals!