More Inspiration from Sandra

Last February, my friend Sandra Munroe was featured in Woman’s Day Magazine because she had taken a fitness challenge of their’s and lost 97 pounds (121 pounds by the time the article was actually on newsstands).  This February, she’s not only featured in it– she’s on the back cover!  And she’s lost 143 pounds!

Even better news is what happened a few months ago in November.  She married Joel Hernandez in the Gilbert, Arizona Temple.

Our friend Christy Wanlass photographed the adorable couple the day before their wedding.  I photographed them on their wedding day.  The magazine wanted both of us to send in a few photos we’d taken so they could choose one to publish.  I think they made a great choice with a lovely close-up shot of Sandra that Christy took.

Here are some of my shots.

Have a wonderful day!


Handmade Valentines

This morning as my family arose from a luxurious Friday night slumber, they found these 3 tiny Valentine cards that I’d made for them.  The cards were sitting patiently on the tiny easels.

Each card has a sweet little message on the back.

My children both made a Valentine for me too.  You will probably be surprised to see who made each one.

Made by Tanner.

Made by Sydney.

My favorite part about each of them is one particular word.  I’m sure you’d guess correctly that it’s LOVE.

Happy Valentine’s Day!