Soccer Game Birthday Cake

Tanner said he wanted me to make him a “fabulous cake.”  Soon afterwards, the little soccer ball candle holders he happened to see at a grocery store inspired the theme.

My husband created the soccer goal boxes with wire hangers, mesh, and duct tape.

A little green food coloring in the white frosting and green sprinkles on top gave what I declared was an artistic interpretation of grass.  My brother Dan (a masterful chef) added the much-needed herbaceous trim around the bottom of the cake.

Using thin white card stock, I printed off 4″ photos of Tanner that I’d taken at his recent soccer games, cut them out, and taped a wooden skewer to the back of each one.

While Tanner knew, of course, that soccer would be the theme of his cake, he hadn’t a clue that several tiny Tanners would be playing the sport on top of it.

I made a companion cake for a few reasons:

1. I wanted to have enough cake for all of our guests!

2. I wanted a birthday message, and the soccer field didn’t have much room for one.  (If you decide to make something similar, you might add a speech bubble to at least one of the cut-out people.  Perhaps it would instead say “Congratulations for winning the championship!”)

3. Tanner was happy to get to place the other soccer ball candle holders wherever he wanted them.

4. Even the guests that we knew would arrive late got to see the soccer game cake.  We cut into the other one early on in the party.

Just below, you’ll see the “fabulous cake” a minute before much of it was eaten with some of our best friends.

Have a fabulous day!