Angelina – Paris

From the age of two til the age of nine, Sydney’s stuffed Angelina mouse went with us on every trip.  At nine, Sydney decided to clear out all unnecessary things from her room.  She went way beyond her goal of neat to literally bare.  Old toys were given away to younger children.  Angelina remained, but was ousted from Sydney’s bed to a shelf in the closet.  But the sweet mouse was very soon invited back, and she still shares a bunk with the now ten-year-old Sydney and some other stuffed friends.  Angelina will always have a place in our home.

So, as we happened upon this delightful Parisian shop with the same name as Sydney’s sidekick, we had to pause for a few photos.  I’d love to be back there right now, with time to indulge in their pastries and hot chocolate!

Have a sweet day!