Kennedy Space Center

Space enthusiasts, engineers and dreamers enjoy the Kennedy Space CenterĀ on Florida’s Cape Canaveral for a myriad of reasons. For me, it was a photographer’s playground. The textures, the shapes, the sizes and colors!

We went to Florida just before Christmas, and the trip was officially a very large Christmas gift!

An Airstream on display! So cute. I’m sure that riding in one of those would have been part of the fun of being an astronaut.

Landing simulator.

The big slide was definitely Tanner’s and Sydney’s favorite activity at the center!


Just beyond the lovely Target bag is a really big reptile swimming stealthily. I was happy that we were inside a bus on a tour when the driver pointed out this local fellow.

This is one of the enormous “Crawlers” that painstakingly carry a space shuttle out to the launch pad.

We didn’t go into this gargantuan building; the bus simply drove near it.

The bus tour dropped us off at a wonderful space museum where we could walk around and have lunch at our leisure. Buses left every 15 minutes to return guests to the main area of the space center.

This was our view as we lunched at a table outside.

Have a blast this coming month!