Black Backdrop Fun Photos

Kerry had the great idea of using my photo backdrop for our 2016 Christmas card. We set up the black cloth and the lighting, and my friend Michele Vandenbergh snapped some shots of our family (See last month’s post). Afterwards began one of my favorite photo shoots ever.

I asked the kids to let me take pictures of them before the backdrop came down and they changed into comfy clothes. Sydney opted to get back to playing as soon as possible, but Tanner happily let his hambone side shine forth. Here are several highlights of that shoot.

And then it hit both of us at the same time to…

… get my trumpet.

And then came my saxophone.

And our Appalachian dulcimer.

And Tanner’s blue lightsaber, which we discovered looks frozen wherever the flash hit it.

And here’s the elusive Sydney, caught on film in a few shots.

Hello, play clothes! Bye-bye, photo shoot.

Though I did do this chalk art, I can’t take credit for its design, which I copied from the Internet. See the February 14, 2013 post at for the original. It’s much more professional-looking.

Have a fabulous day!