Miranda’s Wedding

My niece, Miranda, got married last month!  Here she is with her dashing Colton on the steps of the beautiful temple in Salt Lake City, Utah, where they were pronounced husband and wife for all eternity.

Though I was among the wedding party, not one of the official photographers, I took a few shots at times… of course!

Miranda was a particularly interesting bride–not only because she’s my niece, or because she’s so pretty. ¬†Below you’ll see Julie–long-time friend of the bride’s mother and very talented photographer– helping to get Miranda safely down many steps.

Miranda’s sister Stacey is carrying the crutches.

That’s why!

About two months before this big day, Miranda had surgery on her left knee. Major surgery. As a member of Utah State University’s gymnastics team, she’d taken a terrible fall from the higher of the two uneven bars on which she was practicing a routine. That didn’t stop this sweet couple from keeping their wedding date as planned!

As guests waited for lunch during the couple’s photo shoot, a few of them enjoyed the rest and even amusement provided by the wheelchair.

Jeff, Miranda’s dad.

Miranda’s mom Tamera (seen below) is Kerry’s sister.

A behind-the scenes look with the dome of the Utah State Capitol Building in the background.

The Salt Lake Temple. Its construction was begun in 1853 and completed in 1893.

Here are a few more shots, including some from the luncheon at the gorgeous Joseph Smith Memorial Building.

Grammy gets a moment to chat with her granddaughter the bride.

All the Finlinson clan cousins (minus the bride) sit around the table.

A kiss from a newly-acquired relative on the way out.

Have a beautiful day!