Article of Mine in Church News, etc.

The Metro Phoenix Public Affairs Council of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has asked me a few times over the years to write an article about and take pictures of a church-related event in this area. I then submitted them to local newspapers, where they were published.

When the MPPAC asked me early last month if I would cover another story, I wondered if any of the local papers would print it. The Arizona Republic used to print nearly everything I sent them. They published my responses to the editor’s question of the week and several articles, totaling 30 pieces of mine. They aren’t as welcoming of stories and opinions from the public anymore. Perhaps, I thought, another local paper that has published similar news stories I’ve written would be happy to receive it.

I figured that The Arizona Beehive, for which I’ve been writing since 2015, would print it, and they did. (Please see the link below.)

What I did not expect…..

Part of the article was printed in the Church News section of Deseret News (National Edition, Sunday, December 3, 2017) Two of the photos and the same part of the article were posted online at the following websites:;; and (Please see the links, of course!)

And… My words were even translated into Spanish! (You’ve got to take a look at!).  🙂

The Arizona Beehive version of my article is longer, but it is missing a bit of info that the shorter version captured. I think it’s definitely worth reading both! (Yep, please see It’s right there for you!)

Have a marvelous 2018!