“Scrambled Eggs” – an Easter Game

Every two months in The Arizona Beehive Newspaper, I offer activities that families can do together to strengthen relationships and their testimonies of Jesus Christ, whom I believe with all my heart is the Savior of the world.

Here is one that is about to be published in the April/May issue:

“Scrambled Eggs” — a match and learn twist on the traditional Easter egg hunt.


*Write verses of scripture regarding Jesus Christ onto slips of paper. (Perhaps coordinate this lesson with the one below, using verses from your chosen stories.)

*Write questions that are answered in each verse on separate slips of paper.

Examples: How old was Jairus’s daughter when Jesus raised her from the dead? (Mark 5:42) Who came to strengthen Jesus as He atoned for the sins and sorrows of the whole world? (Luke 22:43)  How many chapters tell of Christ visiting the Nephites after His resurrection? (See the paragraph above 3 Nephi 11 in the Book of Mormon.)

*Place each scripture verse in an Easter egg of a different color. Perhaps add an edible treat too!

*Place each question in other eggs, with corresponding questions and answers in the same color.

*Hide all the eggs (enough for each family member–except for the person preparing the game–to find at least one matching pair) around the house or yard.

*Assign each person a color or colors to find.


*Send everyone on the hunt!

*Once all eggs are found, take turns opening one pair of corresponding eggs at a time. Read the question, then read the scripture to discover the answer.

Happy Easter!