Star a little Jurassic World

Two years ago, Tanner had the idea of creating a round Jurassic World birthday cake with green frosting, chocolate candy rocks, and the kicker… blue jello surrounding it to look like an island (See May 31, 2016 post). I thought it was brilliant! I made one large box of jello in a jelly roll pan. Once it was firm, I traced around one of the empty 9″ cake pans with a knife and scooped out the big circle of jello so the cake fit nicely into it. It helps to frost the cake, then use bakers blades to transfer it into the circle. (I also made a Star Wars cake for him a week or so later. I’m glad he likes my cakes! See April 29, 2016 post.)

This year, Tanner decided to combine two of his favorite movies–Star Wars and Jurassic World–and have the Indominus Rex battling clones on the fiery planet Mustafar. Strawberry lava jello surrounding a rocky chocolate land mass! A tasty place to stage a fight.

Of course, any embellishments, such as Lego characters, must be quickly added, and the cake must then wait in the fridge for guests to arrive. Tanner put the action figures in place.

I scooped lava into bowls for those who dared to eat it! (I dared to, and it was yummy!)

Sydney went full Star Wars for her birthday cake.

Both of my kids helped me make their cakes. (Actually, I helped them.) Sydney even decorated her cake and cupcakes by herself. Fortunately, Star Wars toys, including Legos, are rather easy to clean before and after we exploit them in our cakes.

Notice the fun details Sydney added to welcome her guests: lightsabers in the cupcakes, Kylo Ren in the bowl of packaged muffins. (I put Ahsoka Tano in with the clementines, and Sydney let her stay and lounge.)

A paper Jabba the Hutt (I don’t remember where it came from) hogs the chips!

Obi-Wan Kenobi wishes Sydney a happy birthday with the poster she made.

Have a great day! And if it happens to be your birthday, I wish for it to be your merriest one yet!