England, 2013

View of the Tower Bridge from inside the Tower of London.

Time to revisit my family’s 2013 European vacation and exhibit more photos!

Bus crossing the Tower Bridge at night.

View of the sunset from inside the London Eye.

The London Eye grants several wonderful views.

Tanner running around an enormous tree in a London park.

Windsor Castle.

Windsor Castle.

At the Tower of London.

Happy travels… wherever you go!


Republican Goals: See If You Share Most of Them!

The U.S. Constitution defines government power granted by the People.

Here’s an article that I wrote for the local Republican website. I hope you’ll take time to read it!

During Primary elections, voters try to choose the very best person to represent their favorite political party. During General elections, it is wise for voters to know the goals of each party so they can choose the party that best aligns with their way of thinking. One party or another will then be granted more authority to make, execute and interpret the laws by which all Americans will be expected to live.

So… what do Republicans hope for? There’s a rather good chance that you have the same goals (or most of them), even if you haven’t considered yourself to be a Republican! Remember Ronald Reagan’s maxim that, “The person who agrees with you 80 percent of the time is a friend and an ally–not a 20 percent traitor.” Conservatives and liberals need not see each other as enemies.

*Republicans want all of America to be a beautiful sanctuary from the lawlessness and chaos sadly rampant around the world.

*We want to be and feel safe, knowing that our brave military, police, and other first responders will earnestly try to protect everyone they can from harm.

*We want to pay a fair amount of taxes to support the government that protects us and provides numerous services. However, we want to keep enough of the money we rightly earn so we can take care of ourselves and our families, and also give to those in need both here and abroad. We don’t like to be forced to give–by exorbitant taxation–but we choose to give out of love for all people of the Earth.

*We want to welcome into our homeland refugees and others who long to share with us the American dream at a sustainable rate. We know that for us to have anything to offer people from other places, we must remain a nation of industry, a nation of plenty. We want to be free of unnecessary regulations so our economy can thrive.

*We want to keep foreign interests from affecting our elections. We therefore want all voters to show proof of registration/citizenship.

*We want to maintain our sovereignty. A world government with no borders and no competition sounds wonderful. But the chance of oppressive, power-hungry despots gaining control… and quickly… is too great. Many Republicans (as well as people of other political persuasions) believe in and look forward to the day when the Messiah will reign justly upon the Earth. Republicans think that no one else should be trusted with that much authority!

*We want to conserve The Constitution of the United States. We cherish it as an inspired, timeless document.

*We want to conserve our freedom to practice or not practice any religion–according to our own conscience. We stand with Israel. It is a beacon of light and religious tolerance in the Middle East. We recognize the myriad peaceful members of the Muslim faith, and we support their right to worship as they choose. 

*We want to conserve our freedom to speak out when we think our elected leaders are not representing us well and not tending to our needs–without fear of harm to ourselves, our families, our reputations or our livelihood.

*We want to conserve our right to protect ourselves with firearms if necessary. The citizens of nations and U.S. cities where guns are prohibited are easy targets for tyrannical governments and criminals.

*We want to be able to choose the school that best matches the learning style of our children. School choice also allows schools that teach from original sources–rather than from books that retell history with a leftist slant–to exist. We hope all schools will let students think for themselves as they discover various viewpoints and teach them to respectfully express their own opinions. We agree with James Madison who declared, “A well-instructed people alone can be permanently a free people,” and Thomas Jefferson, who suggested, “Say… whether peace is best preserved by giving energy to the government, or information to the people.”

*We want to conserve the institutions of marriage and family. Families with a mother and father are typically much more self-reliant, rather than reliant upon the government for food and other necessities. Children who grow up in a loving family have countless advantages over those who do not. We hope more people will acknowledge that fact and help promote the concept of the family.

*We want laws that protect the innocent, rather than laws that cater to criminals.    

*We oppose human trafficking and exploitation of any kind and hope for the freedom of every person.

*We want children and adults to know about the devastation that comes from using mind-altering drugs, and not have the government legalize the cause of such devastation.

*We want Americans to have the best healthcare system possible. Socialized medicine–the single payer system under Socialist governments–produces countless patients in critical need of medical assistance who must either wait indefinitely for treatment funded by the state, or pay prohibitively high costs all on their own. The “free” aspect of free healthcare, as with free college education or anything else, is an illusion. The burden of such pricey arrangements is always placed on taxpayers.  

*We want judges and Supreme Court Justices to recognize their role, according to the Constitution, to interpret laws, rather than create them. Several laws have been wrongfully forced upon the American people by appointed judges and Justices, even after the majority voted against those proposed laws. 

*We want to conserve the right of every individual to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We recognize that abortion is now legal in our country, and that in a few circumstances, it is unfortunately needful. But we hope that more and more people will prioritize life. We hope that many who cannot or choose to not raise their posterity themselves will give that opportunity to adoptive couples who greatly desire to be parents. 

*We want fairness and justice for all. When we look around us, we see incomprehensibly valuable individuals–rather than merely representatives of an ethnic, religious or social class. The term “social justice” sounds nice. However, we are not willing to sacrifice the freedom of one innocent individual in an attempt to have that person atone for the misdeeds of some who happen to share his or her race, gender, etc.

*We want to conserve our status as “innocent” unless it is proven beyond reasonable doubt that we are guilty of a crime. If our fellow Republicans are truly guilty, we think they should pay their debts to society. We seek after trustworthy, law-abiding individuals to represent us in government. 

*We want to conserve “government of the people, by the people, for the people,” as did Abraham Lincoln, the father of the Republican Party. 

*We hope for a virtuous nation. Benjamin Franklin stated, “Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters.” Honesty, integrity, responsibility, accountability, perseverance, wisdom, citizenship and courage are examples of the numerous virtues that foster a free and peaceful society.

We sincerely invite you to join with us in conserving the freedom we enjoy in America, and the form of government that perpetuates it. It is a marvelous example for the world. Please consider voting for Republican candidates!

God bless America!