Banana Bread

I love the tradition of baking treats for family and neighbors at Christmastime. The countertop fills up with all sorts of goodies from friends around the block.  It tends to be the one time a year I make banana bread.

I follow a recipe from Chef Brad.  In fact, I use a lot of his recipes.  If you’d like to discover how many remarkably healthy grains there are and lots of tasty ways to use them, I recommend his cookbooks!

Besides using some unbromated natural white flour, I grind soft white wheat (seen below in Tanner’s hands on the left) and Kamut brand khorasan wheat (in Sydney’s hands).

My kids like to help pour grains into my Nutrimill grinder.  If they’re not in the mood for loudness (they’re really not sometimes), they’ll pour in a bit of grain and then run away when I turn on the loud machine.  I still give them credit for helping to make the bread, especially when they get decked out in their aprons.

We just grind the wheat, and have fresh flour!

Mmmmmmm…… I really should make this more often.

Have a day full of yumminess!


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