Lincoln Day Luncheon

I love being in a room full of Republicans— people who typically love God and country and have respect for all life.  People who enjoy hearing every side of an issue, but seek to know what is true, honorable, supported by facts and beneficial to everyone. People who tend to be generous, good-natured and happy.

Sometimes we’re so content and so willing to let others live however they find happiness that we don’t get involved politically.  Several of those who do are recognized each year at award ceremonies such as the Lincoln Day Luncheon.

I was invited to be one of two volunteer photographers at that event this year, at which the special guest/keynote speaker was Arizona Governor Doug Ducey.  Here are some highlights.

Governor Ducey addresses the audience.

Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery receives a standing ovation as Governor Ducey reminds the crowd of grateful Republicans how hard he worked to keep Arizona from legalizing the recreational use of marijuana. I would have been clapping uproariously myself, but I was photographing this moment.

I couldn’t resist snapping a shot of this when it flashed on the screen. Jeni should have been listed first, though. She invited me to help photograph!

Legislative District 17 Precinct Committeeman of the year… Me! Truly a nice honor.

Oh my! There’s my name again. There are 20 Legislative Districts in Maricopa County. My district’s new chairman, Bert Moll, nominated me for county Precinct Committeeman of the year. Though I didn’t win that award, being nominated for it meant that I was officially the PC of the year for my district.

President Abraham Lincoln, father of the Republican Party, also instituted Precinct Committeemen. I love being one! We are the grassroots people who get informed about issues and candidates and encourage our neighbors to get out to vote. We have many opportunities to meet with our local, state and federal elected officials.

We need this land of government of the people, by the people and for the people to remain a beacon of light, hope and real strength against tyrannical oppression that is seen constantly around the globe. The world wouldn’t be better off —richer, freer, better-fed— if America were to be brought down. Instead, even more oppression, poverty and human suffering of every kind would exist.

Longtime Maricopa County Recorder Helen Purcell was respected and praised by Republicans and Democrats alike because of her trustworthiness and excellence in handling elections. She was honored with the Barry Goldwater Service To Arizona Award.

Maricopa County Republican Committee Chairman Chris Herring announces the winner of the Lincoln Lifetime Achievement Award for 2017.

Joseph Abate has volunteered much time over the years helping in the cause of freedom by his service in the Republican Party. He is announced as the award winner.  [I like the 1960’s vibe in this shot, rendered by the man with the camera. And the mysterious clapping hands on the right… Whose are they?]

U.S. Congressman David Schweikert presents the Lincoln Lifetime Achievement Award to Joseph Abate.

Dr. Kelli Ward (center) served in the Arizona Senate and is running for the U.S. Senate.

The table in the forefront seats a few stalwart Precinct Committeemen from my district, including Gilbert Town Councilman Eddie Cook (smiling), Nasima Akter (making peace sign), and Raphael Ahmed (expressively conversing).

Irina Baroness von Behr (left) is running for U.S. Congress in Congressional District 9. Jana Jackson (right) is an author and educator who ran last year for Maricopa County School Superintendent.

Representative Steve Montenegro (left), AZ State Treasurer Jeff DeWit and his wife Marina DeWit (right) listen to AZ Senator Debbie Lesko.

Many people gathered on the patio before the luncheon began, including LD 17’s 3rd Vice Chair Farhana Ahmed (left, in red), who is full of both sweetness and gusto, and President Abraham Lincoln himself! 🙂

Dr. Kelli Ward and MCR Chairman Chris Herring.

God bless America!


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