Marvel-ous Cakes

The Bifrost cake.

Cake creations are a thrill at my home. The planning for Sydney’s birthday party cakes (yes, more than one) this year began a couple of months ago. The Lego characters that would top them did, after all, have to be ordered online well in advance. Above, Sydney places them on the cake depicting a well-known place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe– Heimdall’s Observatory and the Bifrost (a.k.a. the Rainbow Bridge) on Asgard.

We enjoyed the reactions from Sydney’s friends!

Most of the cake’s Lego people represented characters in the movie Thor: Ragnarok (including Loki, with his signature gold helmet, and the Hulk)… but not all of them. The Valkyrie questions one she doesn’t recognize during the battle on the Bifrost.

Batman is a DC Comics creation… not Marvel.
Hela, a nemesis of Thor.
Lego really goes all out. I think Lego people are adorable!
(We wash them before putting them on cakes… and after!)
Heimdall on his observatory.

You’ve surely noticed that this cake is not perfect-looking in scale or any other way. I hope it will inspire you to try something fun like this… especially for a child’s or teen’s party! I recommend helping them, but letting your kids design and do as much as they can.

So how did we make this? We used a 14″ x 2″ cake pan for the base, and two 6″ x 2″ pans for the dome-ish observatory. I leveled one little cake and put the more rounded one on top.

For the spire, we put extra cake batter in a tiny 2″ x 2″ cake pan and topped it with the golden drill of the Lego Ninjago set called “Cole’s Earth Driller.” Tanner, my son, had conveniently just gotten it for his birthday a few days earlier. It hadn’t been part of our plan, but it became very welcome addition! A toothpick held the tiny cake in place, and edible metallic gold spray paint sold at a local craft store gave the yellow cake the tint we were hoping for!

The Bifrost was a piece of cake. Literally and figuratively. We cut a piece from a cake made in a 13″ x 9″ pan. Four strips of “Sour Power” candy sold at a local candy store was simply placed onto it to produce an obvious rainbow bridge.

Pre-packaged white frosting mixed with sky blue icing color, plus royal blue decorating icing applied in swervy lines, gave the effect of water.

To be sure each cake would easily come out of the pans, we greased & floured the pans, then put baking parchment in them (cut to the size of the bottom of each pan). A 16″ cake board (cardboard pre-cut for this purpose) was great for displaying the cake and transporting it to the table.

The Colosseum cake.

Another scene in Thor: Ragnarok is the colosseum fight between Thor and the Hulk. We decided to make a colosseum.

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