Operation Back To School Chandler 2020

Lots of humanitarian work is still going on during this time! Here’s just one of countless examples. This year’s back to school drive in Chandler, AZ worked differently than usual. Recipients of donated backpacks stuffed with supplies drove through a school car lane to receive them. I took photos at three of the four locations.

A volunteer registers a recipient and asks what color(s) of backpack(s) the student(s) of that family would like.
A volunteer places the donated backpacks (and masks) on a table.
Recipients get out of their vehicles one at a time and receive the donations.

Some nice cars went through the line, since a number of families are making less than they were before COVID-19 hit. Anyone can instantly become jobless, even homeless. It’s good to live in a community that loves to take care of each other.

Each year, representatives from the Chandler Police and Fire departments help at the event, alongside volunteers from numerous organizations.
Our Mayor, Kevin Hartke, helps each year too.

My kids are not quite old enough to participate in this event. However, they did spend two hours with me and other volunteers a couple of weeks prior to it stuffing lots and lots of the backpacks with school supplies. They both worked really fast!

Have a lovely day!


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